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Are you an injured athlete?

Sports medicine can help the recovery process and decrease the possibility of disability for athletes with injuries. Our team of talented sports medicine professionals want to help you get back in the game as quickly as possible.

At Orthopaedic Care Specialists, Dr. Richard Weiner, Dr.Chaim Arlosoroff, Dr. Thomas Saylor, Dr. Alexander Lenard, Dr. Andrew Schneider and Dr. Steven Saslow take a special focus on treating sports injuries caused by a variety of factors. Sports medicine physicians have specialized training in the field in medicine that deals with sport or exercise-related injuries. Our team of sports medicine physicians have specialized training and experience that promotes total lifelong fitness, prevention of illness and injury and helps patients maximize function. Our sports medicine physicians focus on non-operative and surgical solutions to all sports related injuries.  Their primary focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries that occur during sports and other physical activity.

Sports medicine can help the recovery process and decrease the possibility of disability for athletes with injuries. Many active people suffer major sports injuries caused by body or object impact during contact sports, poor training practices, or the use of improper gear. Sports injuries can also be caused by exercising without proper pre-routine stretching and warm-ups, and those who are not in shape and take on exercises that strain their muscles and bodies too forcefully may also be at increased risk for a sports injury. Sports medicine can also include injuries and conditions brought on by body stresses in the workplace and other environments.

Our patients receive the lasted and most effective diagnostic and treatment available in sports medicine through the use of advanced surgical techniques.  Physicians who specialize in sports medicine also take an active role in preventive medicine, educating the patient on avoiding sports and fitness related injuries.

Advances in knee surgery, particularly through arthroscopy, have virtually eliminated in-patient treatment and have significantly reduced recovery time. Patient recovery time has been accelerated in other important ways, by emphasizing pre-surgery patient education and reducing post-surgery use of casts, splints, and crutches.

Sports injuries do not automatically require surgery, and many conditions can be treated with simple treatment plans, medicine, and physical therapy.

Although surgery is sometimes required for the best possible outcome, our doctors typically recommend surgery as a last resort.

Common sports injuries include:

  • Sprains & Strains
  • Bone breaks/fractures
  • Dislocations

Hand, Elbow and Shoulder

Knee, Ankle and Foot

Neck and Spine

Doctors at Orthopaedic Care Specialists can evaluate your condition and set up a treatment plan designed to provide the best possible improvement and help you return to an active lifestyle.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation with one of our sports medicine specialists.