Hip Arthritis

Your Path to Recovery

Hip arthritis is a common condition that affects the joint where the thigh bone meets the pelvis, causing pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. The most prevalent type, osteoarthritis, involves the wear and tear of the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones, allowing them to move smoothly against each other. As this protective layer breaks down, the bones can begin to rub directly against one another, leading to discomfort and inflammation.

Symptoms of hip arthritis typically develop gradually and may include a deep, aching pain in the groin, thigh, or buttock, especially after periods of inactivity or prolonged sitting. Morning stiffness is common, and the range of motion in the hip joint may decrease over time, making everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, or bending challenging.

Risk factors for developing hip arthritis include age, with the condition being more common in those over 50, a history of hip injury, obesity, and genetics. Certain occupations or activities that place repetitive stress on the hip joint can also increase the likelihood of developing arthritis.

We Can Help

Diagnosis of hip arthritis often involves a physical examination to assess pain and mobility, along with imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs to visualize the extent of joint damage.

Treatment for hip arthritis focuses on managing symptoms and improving joint function. Conservative approaches include lifestyle modifications such as weight loss to reduce stress on the joints, physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip, and pain relief medications. Assistive devices like canes or walkers can also help alleviate pressure on the hip. In more severe cases, where pain significantly impacts quality of life and mobility, surgical options like hip replacement may be considered.

While there’s no cure for hip arthritis, early intervention and a comprehensive treatment plan can significantly reduce symptoms and maintain mobility, allowing individuals to continue enjoying an active lifestyle.